Sixtus CrioSix Külmaravi Ja Ultraheliteraapia Seade

CrioSix on meditsiiniseade, mis ühendab krüoteraapia ja ultraheliravi efektid.


Product description

CrioSix is a medical device which combines the effects of cryotherapy with those of ultrasound therapy.

Main characteristics

  • Equipped with two handpieces which can be cooled down to a temperature of -8 degrees;
  • Simultaneously with the cold therapy, the two handpieces deliveran ultrasonic wave at 1 MHz and one at 3 MHz respectively;
  • Wheeled device;
  • 7 in. touch screen working interface, which allows monitoring thedelivery parameters of both therapies, and managing the treatmentthroughout its duration.

Technical characteristics

  • Power supply: 230 V, 50Hz;
  • Emission method: Continuous-Pulsed-Intermittent;
  • Pulsed mode modulation waveform: Square wave;
  • Maximum true intensity at 1Mhz: 3 Watt x cm2;
  • Effective radiation area (ERA) at 1Mhz: 7 cm2;
  • Maximum effective intensity at 3Mhz: 2.5 Watt x cm2;
  • Effective radiation area (ERA) at 3Mhz:4.9 cm2;
  • Cryotherapy up to -8°C;
  • Beam non-uniformity rate (BNR) of each head: 4.4;
  • Medical device class: IIa (Directive 93/42 EEC – BF1);
  • Size cm 64x59xh150;
  • Weight approx. 40 Kg.